Computer Tools


We encourage our users to let us know which software tools or computer programs would make the MY NASA DATA microsets and lesson plans more useable. We look forward to receiving your ideas!

Example software tools for use with the MY NASA DATA microsets from the Data Access page are listed below

MY NASA DATA Computer Tools Grade Level
Latitude-Longitude Tool 6-12
How to explore LAS Data (MS PowerPoint Document) 6-12
Creating PDF’s from MY NASA DATA lessons 9-12
How to download YouTube videos 9-12
Using Image J Software to create movies of MND images (MS Word Document) 9-12
Viewing MY NASA DATA Microsets using free IDL software 9-12
Tutorial on Using GLOBE Data to Study the Earth System 6-12
Downloading and Graphing GLOBE Ozone Data 6-12
TerraLook: Satellite imagery to view a changing world 6-12
Making Vocabulary Word Searches and Puzzles by The Discovery Channel K-12
World Wind: zoom from satellite altitude into any place on Earth K-12

Microsoft Excel Tools Grade Level
Snow and Land Mask Excel File (MS Excel Document) 4-12
Opening MY NASA DATA Microsets in Microsoft Excel 6-12

TI-84 Calculator Tools Grade Level
Directions for importing data into the TI-84 Silver Plus graphing calculator (MS Word Document) 9-12
Important TI-84 Keys Diagram 9-12

GIS Tools Grade Level
Using MY NASA DATA with GIS (MS Word Document) 9-College
Using ArcExplorer Java Edition for Education (AEJEE) with MY NASA DATA (MS Word Document)
     MY NASA DATA Projection file (.prj file – see instructions above)
     MY NASA DATA World file (.gfw file – see instructions above)