Tropical Cyclone Counts Graphing Bundle

Tropical Cyclone Counts Histogram Image

(Different graphs of the same data do not convey the same information.)

Summary: Learners evaluate and optionally create different graphs of the same data. To answer the driving question, they will investigate the effectiveness of the different graphs in conveying specific information. They may also explore the Graph Choice Chart to emphasize the differences in graph types. They will be evaluated on their Claim-Evidence-Reasoning Argument.

Driving Question:  “Which data display is most useful for determining the risk of a tropical cyclone in a given area and preparing an effective emergency plan?” 

Graphing Bundle Overview Flow Chart

  • One or all of these mini lessons can be completed independently. Follow the Related Links on the right. 
  • Each mini lesson provides a data display. Learners may create their own display in related optional mini lessons. 
  • The Map of Tropical Cyclone Counts completed in any mini lesson may be used in all others. 
  • Exit tickets from a mini lesson can be used, but are not required, as input for the Compare Graphs lesson plan.

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