Scientifically-Interesting Story of COVID-19 and the Earth System: Teacher Presentation

Teacher Slide Cover Covid 19

The following resources are intended to be used with teachers and students to help model how to apply data literacy skills to analyzing patterns as they relate to stability and change in COVID-19 (and related human geographic) and nitrogen dioxide data.  The storyline evidences how decreases in human activity are directly proportional with decreases in Nitrogen Dioxide data. 

Whether you are new to using Google Forms with students or you are an expert, these tools help students capture their analyses of these data in the interactive models and submit them right to your Google Drive.  If you are not sure how to get started, check out the Guide to Using Google Forms with My NASA Data.

  • Google Jamboard IconJamboard (Student) - This optional interactive version of the Earth System Graphic Organizer is useful for helping draw connections among the spheres of the Earth System as students move through the COVID-19 and the Earth System Quality Scientifically-Interesting Story.  

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