Climate Change Lessons

The lessons featured on this page provide a few possible ideas for climate change related studies using MY NASA DATA. More climate change related lessons and ideas are welcome.
CLEAN Selected Logo What does “CLEAN Selected” mean? Digital educational resources that have been selected for the CLEAN Collection are aligned with the Climate Literacy Essential Principles or Energy Awareness Principles and passed through an extensive peer-review process to verify the accuracy and currency of the science.

IDCLEAN Selected LessonsGrade Level Reviewed By
23Coral Bleaching in the Caribbean5-12 ESE
53March of the Polar Bears: Global Change, Sea Ice, and Wildlife Migration7-10 ESE
25Ocean Currents and Sea Surface Temperature8-12 ESE
34Ocean Impacts of an El Nino Event9-12 ESE
24Tropical Atlantic Aerosols9-12 ESE

IDOther Climate Change Related Lesson PlansGrade Level Reviewed By
66How Does the Earth’s Energy Budget Relate to Polar Ice?5-7 ESE
57Analyzing Tree Rings to Determine Climate Change6-8 ESE
62Is Grandpa Right, Were Winters Colder When He Was A Boy?6-8 ESE
63Comparing the Effects of El Nino and La Nina7-8 ESE
64Evidence of Change Near the Arctic Circle8-12 ESE
41Investigating Factors that Influence Climate9-12 ESE
35Studying Snow and Ice Changes9-12 ESE